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Chroma Build?



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There's essentially three stages in the evolution of Chroma; a basic build with some reasonably available mods from the start chart and Nightmare missions without the use of Forma, a heavier investment once you're ready to commit, or the Umbral variant on the theme.


Basically you want to stack base health with power strength and duration to keep Elemental Ward and Vex Armour up. Spectral Scream is useless and unless you're credit farming or need a distraction Effigy isn't that great either, so just make sure your survivability stays up. IIRC you get more effective health from power strength and using red as your energy colour for Elemental Ward, so don't worry about Steel Fibre. (Primed) Vigor is there because that allows you to get the best bonus from Vex Armour while also boosting your health pool.

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