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Beast or Shapeshifter warframe


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I know there is similar topics around, but i would like to expose my ideia and revitalize the concept:

A warframe beast like.

We have already Valkyr and in future, Fortuna, both female warframes with claws. I fthink is time for a male warframe beast like, with claws.

Power ideas: (for example like the prototype game)

1. a power to give the warframe temporaly, claws to cut down enemies, hands of a beast

2. releasing of spikes from the body

3. becaming actually a beast with high stats as finishing rampage

4. make an iron skin maybe similar to rhino

5. became an enemy to pass throw enemies unoticed

6. pulling an enemy with tentacle like arm


It could be called Alium from different in latin


Tell me more power ideias and the ones you liked more

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