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WARFRAME PS4 Version 01.63 - Updates Not Downloading


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I am currently experiencing an issue with WARFRAME where the "Chimera" update (Version 01.63) is not downloading properly, and is stopping from the game being played.

The installation of the 01.63 update seemed to have been successful until I opened the game itself, in which the game would remain on the update page for up to 8 minutes, with the progress bar stuck at 0%. Afterwards, I would receive a message that said "SOME CONTENT UPDATES COULD NOT BE DOWNLOADED FROM OUR SERVERS" and I would have to close the application.

From there, I tried numerous methods that I thought would solve the issue:
> Closing and reopening the game
 > Selecting "Check Updates"
 > Restarting the PS4
 > Checking my internet connection
 > Uninstalling and reinstalling the game

All of these methods resulted in failure.

Considering the nature of this issue, I'm left unsure if the fault is on my end or if it's a fault on DE's end. Any solutions that can be offered will be appreciated.

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u got the server bug from the chimera update. at least one form of it.

you won't be able to do anything until DE fixes it. 

it's happened to a few hundred ppl (im guessing conservatively) me included. just play another game until the next update and hopefully we'll all be able to play again. 

sidenote: the bug is only linked to your account so technically you could just start a new account and dwnload the update....you just won't be able to use your main account until the server bug is fixed.

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