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Ash rework touch up of entire kit


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Shuriken; Bleed stacks increase per shuriken hit, capping by 45% more bleed.(affected by Ash's passive innately increasing the bleed further than 45 to 65-70%) [Seeking Shuriken augment:  changed to single Shuriken with armor stripping and 10% more bleed duration]

Smoke screen: upon casting immediate stun to nearby enemies are open to finishers

(Smoke Shadow augment: hides allies and grants finishers to stunned enemies to them as well)

Teleport: remains the same ( Fatal Teleport augment remains the same)

Blade storm: Becomes an exalted weapon which has the choice of target finisher attacks or actual melee combo's being Middle mouse click for immediate finishers on a target and stance melee upon decision. (Rising Storm augment changed to Increase damage by 25% capping at 90% per kill decaying by 5% every 2 seconds [only works with ultimate and cannot be converted to normal melee damage])

 Passive changed to: Bleeding duration and damage (duration reduced by one second and damage reduced by 10%) add a 10% Sprint speed increase while invisible.


Health: 150 (450 at rank 30) [Increase base to 200]
Shield: 125 (375 at rank 30) [Reduced base to100]
Armor: 150 [Increase base to 175]
Energy: 100 (150 at rank 30) [Increase base to 120]
Sprint Speed: 1.2 [Reduce to 1.18] 
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