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Dojo decoration is harder than arbitrations


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Hi there, I want to raise awareness on something that I am sure it's bothering a LOT of people. Why it has to be so insanely difficult to place a decoration at a decent angle?


I didn't like the previous system but I like this one even less. I find it very shallow and badly thought . It lacks some obvious options that should have been the BASIS to start from such as:


Rotate a piece of X degrees (10/45/90/180): Thanks to this it is an absolute nightmare to build junction corridors

Rotate on axis: Why include move on axis that is basically the normal movement we have and not ROTATE on axis? So much for placing a pillar sideways

Snapping is really bad. It's supposed to be an aide to previous options but most of the time there wedges are not aligning

Rotation on piece: after the injury comes the insult, why rotate a piece on the angle???? I can understand it works for some decorations but others are made next to impossibility due to their geometry.


I praise DE for many things and this is my first 3D where I really don't like what it has done. The decorations placing system is downright mediocre for a game of this caliber and I've seen better on games when this was a marginal system. I give it a 3 out of 10. This is not meant to bash DE mind you since I know someone worked on this but whoever did it must realize it takes ages and an ocean of patience to do simplest thing that would have taken 10 seconds at best with the correct options. Obviously Fortuna is the priority right now but, please, work on this ASAP. Thank you

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Thats the same issue i have aswell.

My solution would be quite simple: Just add a small option window which allows to put in values for x,y,z- coordinates aswell as size (either in m or %) and angle. No more issues

If you place one floor plate for example and you want it to line up perfectly and you know the size of the part, you can easily add this and build that stuff insanely fast.

For example i have one part sitting at X = 50, Y= 21 and Z= 10 (& angle 0° and size 100%) and i know its 4m long i can put in the coordinates X=50, Y=25 and Z=10 for the next part and boom it fits.

That takes like 10s vs. 10-30 minutes it takes atm

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