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Ash's Blade Storm


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what's wrong with blade storm exactly ? ( my only objection is that others can interupt it )

Basically you can only hit up to a max of 13 enemies within a given area around the selected target. If you wanna hit more you have to cast the ability AGAIN. If there are 14 enemies around the target well you just dont get to kill that one.

Unlike other ultimate which are soully dependent on the range/duration and have a virtually unlimited number of enemies in area around you.


I dont even have Ash and I can see how bad of a problem this is.

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There is an unwritten rule that guides any and all warframe players to focus exclusively on glowing targets, regardless of the cause of their luminescence. Why, how or where from this instinct rises is a mystery to most.


It happens in all games I think.  It certainly happened in Mass Effect 3 (I hate that game).  I have been guilty of shooting the glowy thing too.  It somehow seems so much easier to hit than anything else.  Maybe there is some animation sequence that slows the target down or stops their silly crack head dodge?

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