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Enemy underground, please fix.


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Hi, me and my friend (AlbertChina1) where playing a lith fissure mission on Venus Teserra at 21:00 (+7.oo uk) 5/11/2018 and the enemy was frickin underground under the defense target, it was damaging the target and us, it was so damn frustrating because we couldn’t kill it and we were playing for so long and the bug made all the effort for nothing because it made the mission fail, I got an Oberon neuroptics blueprint during the mission but it was lost due to the bug. My friend basically quit. We had so much loot. Please fix this bug because I can’t bare to go through the pain again, I hope there no other problems during missions for anyone else, if there is a way to fix bugs, please tell me, otherwise, add a way to refresh the program. 😡😭 

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Grammar stuff and wanted to refer my friend. Also add some new tags and edit the title a little bit, but seriously, fix this problem.
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