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Chimera Update, Glave Charge Timing OFF


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After the Chimera Update

the timing to do a thrown glaive charged attack is off

my Cerrata with Primed Fury used to get a Charged Throw at 464milliseconds

after Chimera the timing is off and its about 664milliseconds, 1/5of a second longer

there also seems to be much less of a safety margin than before - your timing has to be much more exact now



What gives? Intentional change to animations or some kind of glitch?



on the plus side, the new melee FX look awesome when you manually detonate a charged thrown glaive....

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9 hours ago, (XB1)RECLAIMERR117 said:

Have they mentioned this it kind of made me take a break

nope, havent seen any update notes


Any rate, I'm actually fairly happy with the Timing Changes. Seems that the throw timing of all the different Glaive style weapons is much more similar now. convenient to only macro one timing

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