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a new warframe idea


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so Ive seen a lot of people giving their ideas for new war frames and I thought I would as well, I hope you all like it and if not please do tell me 🙂

"The darkness had taken over the Orokin, and started to taint and corrupt their minds, and from the darkness one warfare emerged and started to take away the darkness and chaos, this warfare became their defender against the evil that the factions had plunged their world into, Yasha the warfare from Hell"

Health 150- 500

Shield 200 -700

armour 75- 300

energy 150- 500

Speed 1.30 

perishing fist- a punch that knocks enemies over and decays the armour of the enemies opening them up to finishers.

reckless abandon- Yasha uses the speed he has that makes up for the lack of armour, and jumps into a large number of enemies, this draws the attention onto him and away from his allies which is why his shield is so big

soulless touch- Yasha touches his enemies soul turning them against themselves and fights as his minions.

Hells gate- Due to being the Night Devil, Yasha lets out an evil laughter as he disappears from view of both allies and enemies and opens up a portal under the enemies and sucks them into the fiery depths.

Perishing fist and soulless touch- use strength mods to increase the strength 

soulless touch, reckless abandon and hells gate- uses duration mods to increase the amount of time.

reckless abandon- becomes a one warfare army by using strength mods, duration mods and speed mods.

I know many will say he sounds like Nekros, but apart from soulless touch he is completely different, but I do hope y'all like the idea. and please do leave your comments both good and bad are highly received 🙂 

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