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Dojo Decoration Placement System


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Hi Guys,

i saw some pretty awesome dojos so i wanted to try it out by myself and decorate mine too. I gave up after a few hours, because the way decoration parts are placed is just too clunky for me. If i do something like stairs and a way to walk on, i want it to line up perfectly, which is nearly impossible to archieve by using ur mouse ... or well, it takes a lot of time. Maybe i just missed some options to do this faster and more precise, but i think this system needs a few improvements.

I really would like to have the option to set up coordinates for the parts aswell as angles as numeric value OR atleast display those values so i can make sure they match and don't have to guess if the parts fit or not.

So for example if i choose an object to place it a small window pops up which has settings like for example: x-value, y-value, z-value, angle and size.

This would allow fast and easy placement for bigger structures consisting of multiple parts without needing an eternity to get them to fit.

Since there already needs to be a kind of coordinate system to determine the position of decoration parts, it really shouldn't be difficult to implement such an option using the existing coordinate system.

What do you think?



Edit: I dunno why it placed this thread into PC > Bugs, i created the thread from the starting page. If there is any moderator out there, who could move it to the right forum section - that would be awesome thanks. 🙂

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