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Dojos: integration & suggestions

(XBOX)EternalDrk Mako

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now ive had my dojo since wf dropped on xb1 

one thing of note to current is how duels disconnect and reconnect and feel overall buggy , the reloading into a private dual room takes the fun out of clan get together  

another thing i feel is a wasted event is the non integration of system

I.e. simulacron , having access to that in dojos seems like a logical place to train and host group combat training, not having that in dojo always seemed odd to me , it could even work same as relays and be a fly out hosted system

another concept i feel is not utilized would be a danger room

if your unfamiliar with the concept its like simulacron but  large cube were lots of weapons and enemies attack in waves or mass amounts from all directions and can get combat conditioning up for new players

it usually has various stages but would be a great training area 

some other concepts ive heard players talk on is dojo aquariums , ponds, ect we can fill with fish

as well as pet play zone, as prior we could see each others pets in dojos, now we cannot, so maybe have a area were clan mates can let pets run and play with each other 

 i offer these only as suggestions  in the hopes of greater dojo usage by players, i feel adding navigation and arsenal was a good step , but operator alterations would be nice feature also

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Comrade, if the developers never pay attention to the suggestion of players, I generally think of their comment in one thread where there is a big debate with a large number of players then there is no need to suggest something where they just look at the thread like reading morning news with a cup of coffee.

I hope you understand what I'm talking about.
Their one comment is of crucial importance.

I'll tell you my example, I opened three threads four to five months ago with a few small suggestions related to clans and alliances. I did not see any comment in those lines, at least positive or negative. So, it was clear to me that there was no need to suggest something where people of prime importance for this game do not have one single comment, whether they accept or reject the suggestion.

Have fun!

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14 hours ago, AvPCelticPredator said:


typically de staff do read through these threads and note things of choice, its very rare staff will reply but they do read them daily

suggesting features and such are things they take with a grain of salt , i make the thread to show my stance and try to help improve the game, if devs dont listen or pay attention thats also fine as long as i tried y best to help thats all that matters to me 

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