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Sepfahn strike bugs


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So I've encountered some bugs with the Sepfahn strike you can get in Cetus. For reference, I use the Sepfahn strike with a Peye grip and a Ruhang link.

Issue 1: Sugatra's don't appear just on the sword, but are awkwardly placed on the hilt as well. In my experience influences the grip the placement of the second (or even third) sugatra.

Issue 2: The effects of having an elemental mod or combo(s) don't just appear on the blade, they float next to you as well. And the effect is displayed twice at the same time, I assume one for the sword and one for the hilt. I have verified that every single-stat elemental mod and every combination of these single-stat mods does this.

Additional info for reference: 

My Sepfahn nikana is not gilded.

Stance mods do not influence the appearence nor intensity of this bug.

The frames I have used to test the above are Ash and Volt. 

I use the standard values set by the game for my melee weapon appearence. 

I use the standard katana holster style.

The bug does not appear if I am not wielding the blade, however if I keep it visible when holstered, the bug does appear. 


Here are some links of people who have (had?) issues with this as well:




Here are some pictures:






Especially the last one shows the issues at hand. 

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