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Defection – gamemode revision ideas (again)


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  1. It's infuriating to have to suffer flimsy escort targets when they're grineer soldiers but pacifist.
  2. The med-pods don't really help out too much, and escort targets standing next to them are sitting ducks for ospreys who want to fart-dash at them.
  3. Often it happens that the pathfinding algorithm just stops. I've had rescue targets simply stand still and die. This can literally fail you the mission if it happens often enough.
  4. There's no sense in escorting grineer defectors out of infested-held areas. Simply fighting off grineer who want to kill the defectors is enough. Same goes for possible corpus defections as well - protecting defectors from their former crewmates is enough and the infestation shouldn't be involved at all, at least not most of the time.
  5. This mode should really be reworked into "Mobile rescue" if you want those nodes to be played at all beyond "get the harrow systems and never look back". Ghoul defection on the plains is a perfect rework model - you would have one to three targets to escort to extraction, and if defending them along the way isn't enough, then also defending the defector extraction bay from enemy entry until the defector(s) has/have safely departed should be enough of an additional step. The rescue targets that we have right now feel unreasonably squishy and the players can get the blame for a pathfinding bug that doesn't happen with ordinary rescues. Not that I'd want my rescue targets parkouring and teleporting all over the place, but this mode should at least treat players fairly in terms of rescue target mobility and base all judgement solely on the players' capacity to defend their escort targets.
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