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WTS godly [Lenz] + other top tier rivens.

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WTS the riven for 4.5k, will sell at lowest for 3.3k if no offers would be as high.


i know some would be scared by the negative fire rate, however since it applies before [Vile Acceleration] (which you should anyways use on a lenz) it is not even noticable, raising the charge rate from 0.43 seconds to 0.58 seconds. a picture to verify:


mod underneath is [Point Strike]. this is an overview of my own Lenz build, including the riven in. as you can see the charge is as fast as ever, making the negative nearly harmless.


alongside my Lenz, i have several other great rivens such as 350DMG+190MS [Pyrana], double crit [Tiberon]s etc, feel free to visit my current stock. prices are all negotiable to a certain point, depending on my judgement.

my riven.market profile:


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