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Operator PvP: A New Game Mode


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So I love Warframe...love it...but  Conclave isn't the most fun when it comes to PvP...especially if you compare it to other games' PvP system.

And I mean how can it be...balancing out as many frames as the game has to where the mode would be fair is next to impossible...

...So why try to do that, when you can much more simply develop pvp with the Operator mechanics? I mean, I see it as being significantly easier to put together that, rather than trying to balance out all the different frames/weapons/etc,. 

  • Only 5 skill trees to balance for Operator PvP...
  • Only One operator weapon per operator 
  • You could have room designs in the dojos for the different pvp maps/match types (for more player farming)
  • You could have it on it's own moon and take a fortnight-style approach to it
  • The rewards could be operator-only (mostly really pretty cosmetic stuff for the operator and dojo, with a few new pvp-scaffold-focus-brace-MR boost-able things,)  that when used in the PvE world wouldn't have any real change in current game play
  • You could totally make it part of the lore...(something like: as more and more tenno awaken, eventually there must be a Bloodsport kumate-style contest of face-to-face "there can be only one"  stuff.)

I know you guys and gals at D.E. are just looking for stuff to do, because you aren't busy at all with the Fortuna, Railjack, or Archwing Weaponry development 😂🤣😊😍....but I just thought I'd throw this out there for ya'll to comment on.  

Exciting PvP is really all this game is missing in my opinion, and I can't begin to imagine the logistical nightmare trying to balance out all those frame abilities must be, let alone trying to tone down the Arca Plasmore, Opticore, and Lenz... so I say bag it... 

Work on conclave slowly (if at all) and launch Operator PvP as a whole separate-but-equal style mini-game.

Thanks for reading!


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