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Mirage 3rd ability glitch?


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I have modded my mirage prime for massive strength and this has resulted in 95% damage resistance when in the dark using the 3rd ability but this doesn't seem to be working correctly as I am still receiving large amounts of damage despite the ability being active, in comparison to nezha's damage resistance I find this odd as nezha can absorb plenty damage with his damage resistance of 90% (if I remember correctly) so in those terms my mirage should tank even better.

Am I missing something or is this actually a problem that needs to be fixed?

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On 2018-11-06 at 9:37 PM, Ailyene said:

Mirage's Eclipse scales to lighting level (really badly), you'll only ever receive a fraction of the displayed buff which is the maximum potential value.

Thanks for the help, tbh that's pretty trash though.

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