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Customization Ui Suggestion


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With the addition of new badges, idle animations, new helmets, and soon scarves,we will begin to see clutter with the  tiny bar that hold all these options. The customization UI should be updated to match the expanding options we have to customize our warframes.  Hopefully the customization screen gets updated similar to the foundry. But I do have a few ideas/suggestions in case it hasn’t been though of yet. Forgive me if this is a retread.


The idea would be to separate all the different customization options into categories. Helmets in their own bar, idle animation in another, ect and so on.  Graphically this can be represented with multiple  bars similar to the customization bar we have now.  The bars would be aligned to the left  where they are now with our warframe in the middle.   Similar to the foundry UI updated, these bars would be scrollable. This would allow for expansion for other options that may come at a later date. This would also allow for many more options to be added with out leaving players with 12 pages of badges, animations and helmets to sort through to find that new scarf they just bought.   In this design they would only need to scroll down to the scarf bar.


Another benefit of separating options into these categories would be the ability to have 2 bar for badges. One for left shoulder an on for the right. In the current system, I would imagine giving us a left and right option would require 2 icons in the customization bar. One for the left badge and one for its right counterpart, doubling the icons for badges and creating more clutter.


I will add a better image of my idea hopefully soon, but the idea would be roughly:



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