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Onslaught change of host changed zone and squad


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As written in the title, I met a problem during a Sanctuary Onslaught run(normal, not Elite).

My squad of three just reached and started to clear the zone 6 when the game reported an host problem(all 3 of us correctly moved on from the previous area, so it wasn't caused by the host remaining in the zone 5 to leave the mission); after the process of changing the host completed, I found myself in zone 9, with another surprised player who was not part of my actual or any previous squads. My other 2 teammates were gone, not sure where. I survived till zone 10 and got the reward, before failing to keep up the efficiency and so the mission comes to an end. On the reward panel, the rewards for zone 2 and zone 4 were not visible(both were reliques, but I didn't check which one, so I couldn't confirm in my inventory if I really missed them or got them even if the pannel didn't report that), nor the zone 6 and 8 which I personaly didn't complete, but theoricaly the other player who reached alone zone 9 should have. So, in the end, I found myself with only zone 10 reward and an high score which was not mine(wouldn't reach more then 700k with just zone 5-6). Also, lost all the weapon affinity earned till zone 5.

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