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Push to keep the dark from coming


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Nice to finally see a positive Fortuna-related post. :thumbup:

I get that feeling too about DE. A collective with a vision of making a unique game that tells a story as you play.

Not some soulless, copycat FPS, or something with a heavy pay-to-win feel.


Its not perfect and DE do make mistakes, but at least they care about their product and their player base and do the best they can to deliver their vision to us. Its not for everyone, but I've enjoyed most of the time I've spent playing it.


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I love DE. They always listen their community.

I have so much feeling about this game and its storyline. Thanks DE to keep their game interesting and alive all this time.

Btw I'm so excited for a new fortuna content. Hope we all love it.

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This game is history in the making, it's not some finished product that you take it as it is and that is hard road to take, but if anyone has good ideas or anything helpful and constructive that can contribute can do so through the proper channels, if you can't, just play the game, no one will bash you for it.

Also let me say that i played some games from the most infamous publishing studios out there and i still did find some joy in them, cause at the end of the day all that matters is the fun you manage to find either alone or with your friends united in a common goal through the hardship and the laughs at the expense of the not so good stuff that can happen in your game play-through.


I only regret the trials, not because they were some state of art marvel(though they did have some structure), but cause you could team up with more than four friends and had the ability to some extent to be able to organize them, due to this being an online game not everyone is on same time zone.(so i'm patiently waiting for something similar to return and be even better)


"And we all lift, and we're all adrift together, together.

Through the cold mist, 'till we're lifeless together, together."

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