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Sentients Not Spawning on Lua,Plato Bug


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Alright first off i dont know when did this happened or why did this happened but after the chimera update and the mission the Sentients which is the oculyst and batalyst did now spawn at all at the plato,Lua mission. i know this because ive got a riven with a kill 6 sentients challenge and as usual i go to plato,Lua which is the go to place for this sort of challenge but at first when the lights flicker and the lotus warns me about the oculyst i didnt find them at all and the batalyst never spawn at all, then it just never ever spawns and i even got a friend who tested if they spawn at all for him or not and they didnt. 

so i dont know if this happened to anyone else but if another player besides me is experiencing this problem then i think its bugged

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