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Hosts who leaves the match deliberately at the end of extraction countdown


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so this is the 2nd time i run at this issue (both times were a 1 god damn hour excavation missions) , apparently some ppl know about this kind of a bug that if you are a host and leave at the end of the mission extraction countdown you screw other ppl score and you make them extract without absolutely nothing, no items not even the xp they gained ..

when i was talking about this issue on region chat , guess what i got banned !!!! , maybe because i described those who abuse this bug as A******s ?! do you blame me a whole hour (2 actually if we count the previous one) just lost because of a screen licker decided to abuse a bug and screw others with it and what does the gm or whoever saw the chat does , he ban the victim 
i relogged and then saw the chat again and when i was wondering why i stopped seeing chat and if this is related to what i said about the excavation mission Spey told me " account restrictions should be discussed only with technical support team"
ok cool , i like the policy of burying heads in the sand and silencing those who suffer from a bug abuse and turn the table on them ..really sweet
btw if i sound a little aggressive it's because yeah i'm .. i would love to see anyone of you waste a whole hour for nothing , then it happens again ..and then when he try to talk about it in chat he gets banned then come talk to me about staying calm !

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it's possible the host may have disconnected both times, endless mission types have that problem at rotation changes and extraction there can be disconnects and game crashes

I remember running into someone who was threatening the group to crash the game if people didn't come to his camping spot so yeah some dingleberries try to do that but they usually do that visibly, other folk may have had connectivity issues which is more server side's fault than that person's internet connection's

I can relate to your frustration but it is best to take a moment then open a support ticket about it

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Although it would be a strange coincidence that they disconnect from game exactly 2 seconds before extraction "twice" , i guess you might have a point ..yeah there's a small chance that it was a coincidence
But what made me even more mad is what happened with chat , i mean look at you another player and you said 

7 hours ago, Thoogah said:

I can relate to your frustration but it is best to take a moment then open a support ticket about it

i wish something similar was said to me in chat then nothing of this should have even happened .. instead of the behavior "hey there's someone frustrated and pissed off, let me ban him and make him even more pissed off" , and another one (and who knows maybe they are both the same person -_-) tells me "account restrictions should be discusses with technical support"
in other words "hey i don't even F care about your problem , go discuss why you were banned from chat with TS" 
what a smooth "understanding" staff they put as game gms !
anyway thank you for your understanding and your nice way of talking.

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