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Suggestion: Morphic Warframe


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As many suggested a different warframe with unusual abilities would be nice to have. 

So far there is a wide variety of different warframes out there. What we dont have so far with not the usual 4 abilities but with 4 differen states, that can be changed just as a regular warframe would use its abilities. The four states could be: Normal, Infested, Orokin, Void.

Every of the non-ultimate abilities gives a rise in a specific stat.
Infested: Melee only, increases overall damage of infested Melee, if no infested melee equipped: increases impact damage and toxic status damage, increased health and health regen, more susceptible against slash damage. Duration 20 sec.
Orokin: Secondary Weapon only, increases overall damage of orokin weapons, if no orokin weapon equipped: Increased puncture damage, increased shields, increased shield regen, decreased health. Duration 30 sec
Void: Main Weapon only, critical and status chance increased. Duration: 15 sec.

Of course these different stats are only examples and I havent given even rough values since this should only be a scetch. Also the given increase should be high enough to set off the missing abilities (at least in my opinion). Other states could also be very awesome: Grineer, Corpus, Sentient. I even could think of special mods to replace one state with another one. 

Ideally that warframe would come with 4 different models: Base model, Infested model (growing infested flesh over parts of the base model), Orokin model (lots of gold and parts of armor hover around the warframe... you could even use ayatan stars to enhance the hovering like you do in statues), Void model (glowing golden armor with veines and roots like you have in the void areas and the derelict).

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I'm fairly sure that your thread is going to get a lot of people pointing out or complaining about Chroma. There's a Warframe that's supposed to have 4 separate modes, and yet you have to pick one before the mission starts and build around it instead of being able to switch.

It's a cool concept, my friend, and I like the way you've tried to theme things ^^

I just think that we could, maybe, fix up an existing frame that should have already this kind of elemental/weapon interactive/damage changing style, rather than invent a whole new frame to do the same thing.

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