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On different combat modes: Warframe, Operator, Archwing, K-Drive, and revives


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So, with the coming of Fortuna, we will get yet another locomotion system with K-Drives.

That gives us yet another variation on gameplay and mobility. 

But one thing that bugs me with all these modes are the lack of stakes. 

For example, if Operator "dies", you can just pop out of your warframe again, as if nothing happened. 

I think it would be more engaging if the game was made harder in this aspect.

Like linking the different game modes with revives.

The player would prioritize its game modes in a user-selectable order: 

Warframe - Operator - Archwing - K-drive

When using a revive, and being downed in a specific game mode - except the Warframe, which is the core game mode - the player would be temporarily be unable to summon the least priority game mode. Arcanes would still give a free 1-UP in this regard, allowing for one free revive with no penalties.

This lockout would have a time limit to cool down, between 2 to 5 minutes.


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2-5 min cooldown between revives? Aside from endless, no mission we do ever takes that long. 

We don't just get shot down from our Archwings, our warframes also go down, it's not that risk free.

As for K-Drive, that one we do just get knocked off it when it happens so I don't see why I'd have to wait 2-5 minutes before being able to use my skateboard, that's lying right next to me, again.

The Operator isn't entirely there on the battlefield when you switch out, it's more like a void manifestation of us so when we take too much damage we just loose our connection and are forced back into the warframe's mind, that also destabilizes our transference as you can see on the temporary debuff that lowers warframe health afterwards. If it was any more punishing that this even less players would bother with operator mode.

All in all, personally I don't like your idea and I'm fairly sure no one else will either.

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