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Arca Plasmor new animation - visual FX (Not so new)


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After the fairly resent update, that changed my favorite weapon's animation (Arca Plasmor), I am starting to experiencing headaches, feel increased eye strain and generally feel, that the FX update has not been tested, because the particles, that explode after a hit to a enemy or surface in a distance look really cool, in some cases there is even a rainbow effect which can make for a great screenshot, but when this happens many times right in my face during a game, while I am shooting at an enemy who's really close to me, or hit a surface close to me, or a person owning a Arca does the same close to me, my screen suddenly gets filled with tons of light particles, that temporarily blind me. Please rethink the way in which that FX works, cause if this happens a couple of times during a game, it could be considered fine, but if every other shot hurts me, as it does in infected missions, it causes me physical pain, not trying to think bout the damage to my eyes from all that flickering, and my eyes are damaged enough.

I know, that I can decrease the FX setting in the options menu, but this also alters all the other FX that I enjoy.

I think, that the weapon was fine, all it needed was a small sound FX revamp.


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