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WTB/WTTF a Buzlok Riven with CD + MS + DMG/Electric/Heat+Neg

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How it should look like:

- Critical Damage
- Multishot
- Damage / Electric / Heat (Preferably Damage)
- Negative (Status Duration/Zoom/Recoil maybe)

Master Rank, Rolls or Polarity does not matter at all in this case.
I am only looking for good to perfect rolls, otherwise it would not be an improvement to my current riven.
As trade i can offer a very good Buzlok Riven (+CD +MS -SD) with almost perfect roll, or a decent Rubico riven. And plat of course ^^

Best would be to write or add me in-game. If the Riven is slightly different than i specified, feel free to write as well, maybe i am still interested in it 🙂

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