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(XB1)Tucker D Dawg

Mission Summary screen missing rewards.

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Seem rather random what it decides to display.  This is on the view last mission results screen. not sure if it showed correct results during the mission, or right at the end with the automatically popping up summary screen.

  • Did a long survival, none of the mods I picked up were displayed on the summary screen - the whole middle panel was blank (although it said I had 100+ upgrades) and when I went ot my mods I could tell that I actually had received them.  Solo Mode, Void-MOT
  • Did another long survival, none of the argon crystals I picked up showed on the screen.  Again, went to foundry and I had 43 of them so I know I picked them up along the way, just didn't show on the summary screen. Solo Mode, Void-ANI Fissure.

in both cases, i'm not sure if other items were missing as both times I happened to be looking for something in particular.


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