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I know this is probably brought up on a regular basis, but with Fortuna coming up this week I thought Id bring it up again.

Could PC users please have a "toggle walk" button for cinematic and aesthetic purposes? Walking is already in the animations, its always used in cut-scenes or relays, so could we have it in actual gameplay? I know from a technical standpoint that it would not be super difficult to create a keybinding for this action. Sometimes you just want to slowly and epic-ly walk towards a horde of enemies or away from a giant explosion, or stalk your prey like, well, the Stalker.

Just a suggestion, one that a lot of people have been asking for for quite a while 😛 

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You could also equip the Hobbled dragon key. It slows down your movespeed enough that you will just walk on missions if you have it equipped, it also helps that it doesn't even hinder your bullet jumps in any way (from what I can tell) which is convenient. You can then bind the scanner gear to a key, because equipping scanners will unequip any weapon you're currently holding, allowing you that proper "hands on the side" nobleman walking style.

It's fun to use when you feel like role-playing a zero-f*cks-given death machine.

But yea, it'd be pretty nice if DE can allow all this with the toggle of a button.

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15 hours ago, megazomb said:

Honestly, this should have been a default option ages ago.
Since it requires only a little polish to get there, we will probably never see it.

Or maybe like in most games, the devs are afraid of newbies accidentally turning it on by accident forcing their character to walk without knowing how to cancel it. I've seen it happen.

After thinking about it, I changed my mind. Maybe it shouldn't be a toggle, it should be a button that you hold down to keep walking.

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