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Stalker, new gameplay for old players and more


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Hi all!

Today i may have many questions.

1- can DE create "Stalker" mask for all, or for only "founders", for balance protested founders about "umbra excalibur frame"\or give access to all, but only in captura arsenal?

2 - can DE do more hardcore gameplay with cutting limbs to warframes, picking up weapons with remaining limbs, and subsequent repair damage, taken by warframes. when evacuation without any legs\hands will be successfully from any location to orbiter? (only for 20+rank+special quest+reward to unlock this special quest (in game - very many players have very big collection of warframes, make it impossible to use broken warframes, without 35% health status on repair bench in orbiter)  if all warframes will be broken - activate save casual game, where we will be play from operator, and will find resourses to repair some of warframes. Or if we will die on mission by warframe - give chance to take dead warframe back by parts or all pieces at a time in separated mission. When, we will die - we start new quest, to get our dead warframe back, from orokin, grineer, corpus labs, but if we are die on infest location - take body and clear it from parasytes, with the subsequent repair this body,

3 - Create separation of limbs due to inability to use weapons - new gameplay, new skills for more adwanced players.  Maybe this is will be update "guns 5.0" to separate lazy players from hardcore players, who like me - like stay in survival mission by 2 hours+, or defenses by 50+ wawes solo or with teammates (only 25 rank+some good reward)


4 - DE also can do more useful upgrade for infest room in orbiter, by upgrading operator or warframes, (and all see useless cryopod in this room, operators after upgrade can go to stasis by 2-3 days coma, and warframes can't use transferense before operator don't wake up, but operator also, after this upgrade will be more powerfull, to gang some sentinels or teralyst's shields)

and we have too many mod's. we need 2-4 another slots minimum - for warframes (soul scream from all players)

My idea calculated to use, after1-2 years of bugfixing all bugs, like in old missions, fortuna, and new war quest.

Thank's for reading, and sorry for my bad english),

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