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Melnar the Undefiable


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So.. First time making a topic on these here forums, but considering Moa pets releasing in fortuna sometime this week. I thought it would be the perfect time to share this story from the bygone age of 2015.

This story takes place during the Blackout tactical alert. For those of you who where not around, it was essentially a mission in which you had to exterminate around seventy five manics, and the only enemy in the whole mission was manics. I had attempted it with a group of randoms I had found, and we didn't do so well the first go, and then I found out you could still hack the Moa spawners. Out of it came something I could only classify as divine. 



A level 7059 moa, me and my allies quickly hacked every one we could find. We named the first of them Melnar for he was the highest level amongst them. With the aid of his brothers the Manics didn't stand a chance against us. It's only thanks to this magnificent Moa that we even completed the mission. Sadly I know it's a bit to late to give him the recognition  he deserves, but I figured that I should make a tribute to this long forgotten hero. With the release of Moa companions I shall meet my faithful friend from all that time ago once more. 

another picture, though one of Melnar's kin.




PS sorry for poor graphics, and quality. 

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