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Surprise Surprise, Host Migrations STILL Broken


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It seems to be even worse in Arbitrations.

A mode where you spend a lot of extra time in, typically. To get some pretty nice rewards. Finally getting Adaptation

Then bam. Host migration and it kicks everyone out of the mission and back to our orbiters and disbands the squad. No warnings, no reasons, and worse, no loot.

How is this STILL a thing? I'm sure you can tell, I'm pretty damn frustrated I just wasted all this time nor nothing. And this has happened to me several times since arbitrations came out.

If you are going to design long term game modes where people tend to leave after they die, then you damn well better make sure them leaving isn't going to ruin the entire thing for everyone else even more than a host migration typically does.


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48 minutes ago, E7na said:

Then bam. Host migration and it kicks everyone out of the mission and back to our orbiters and disbands the squad. No warnings, no reasons, and worse, no loot.

Warning -

No warning will ever happen because a host migration occurs when the host disconnects, don't know how you can make a warning for that. If you want this not to happen host the game yourself, that way host migrations won't happen.

Reason -

Old host disconnected from game, or you did. I had bad internet last year, i kept getting host migrations because my internet spiked extremely high for ~5-10 seconds every ~10 minutes or so. It wasn't a real host migration as i could join back, so it could also be a problem with your internet. But i think it's because of this... old host dies, host leaves, host migration, everyone leaves. is that correct ? I feel for you if that's the case

Loot -

The game doesn't save loot from missions as you get it, i think it works that way in the Plains and i assume Fortuna too but it doesn't work that way for the other missions. When a host migration occurs and you stay in the mission with the new host, you keep the loot you've obtained. Whereas if you disconnect from the game and get sent back to your orbiter, you get nothing. It's because that it's considered a failed/abandoned mission. I don't know if it changes the quit/failed mission stat in your profile so i might be wrong.


EDIT: i dont think this should be in the bug subforum btw as it isn't a bug

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You may of been able to keep the loot. Im not 100% sure on this but several times that I have had that happen, I would look at my work beach and it would kinda show I had kept the resources and stuff. Like one time I have finally gotten the Hate but had migration and got really mad that I had lost it. Lo and behold its bp was still sent to my crafting station. When about to go into an elite alert, pick a resource that you would get from it and write down how many you have before and after the alert (in the event of a migration). As I said, I could be wrong and just got lucky with them.

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