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Plains of Eidolon are Glitching like Hell !!


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Constant desync issues. Freezing. Forced back to Cetus or forced to end mid-mission. Being pushed half way across the map (plains) - character position relative to group. Charaters moving / walking on a differnt relative plane to yours (as in a chacracter walks by 15 feet in the air.


I suggest to DE after they release Fortuna that they go back and spend a significant amount of time debugging the hell out of the 2 major releases they have dropped (PoE and Fortuna).  New gameplay and new features are all fun and good but it benefits nobody if no one can readily play a smooth game.

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debugging is not something they do, plenty of issues have been there since PoE's release a plethora of new ones will be there long after they release Fortuna

by the way if you are using a 64bit system click the small gear icon on the launcher, only keep 64bit's box checked and turn everything else off, each of them have a unique way of crashing the game, other than this you just go with what DE serves

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