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Gate / Door Frame ideas


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After watching JJBA : The Golden Wind, i come out with a new Frame idea.

The Warframe ability is around opening door/gate on enemy body, wall and stuff

Health : 250

Energy : 180

Shield : 500

Armor : 30

1st Ability :  Open up a gate on a wall (must be a wall between 2 room), pillar. Upon opening it stay for around 25 sec base duration, u can fire through it or walk trough it. U can cast again to close the door or trap the enemy which is walking pass it inside (basically killing it). Affects by Duration Mod

2nd Ability : Open up gate on a group of enemy (about 1/5 of the enemy size). Upon casting a group of enemy (depend on ur range) will have a gate open up on each of their body, shooting through one of the gate will cause the projectile to pass through every gate u had opened, and causing slash damage bonus (cause the projectile is traveling inside the enemy body, so why not). Affects by range mod, duration mod

3rd Ability : Open up gate to pass through. Summon up 1 gate each time u cast the ability, max of 3 gate can be placed on the map, if u get into the gate u entered another Small Room which only have 3 door open inside it (if u only cast twice, 1 will stay closed). The gate will be close once u or ur teammate get pass it 3 time. Other Warframe aoe ability will also get passed the gate. Noted if someone is in there and the gate closed he will be trapped inside it, gaining extra Overshield and Faster Energy Regenerate, player who is inside can walk to a closed to and press X to open it agian, the door will be reopen at it last location Affects by Strength Mod (more str = more gate, 50% extra str = 1 extra door)

4th Ability : Cause all the gate u have opened to begin suck in every thing into it, include drops. Enemy affects by 2nd Ability it will get sucked inward, causing damage to be done and immobilize them, Gate u have open up (3rd ability) will began sucking everything inside, if enemy is sucked into it, it will enter the Small Room and get damaged overtime. Item that have been sucked into can be retrieve by opening up 1 more gate and reentering it to get it out. Affects by Duration Mod, Strength Mod.

Passive : Each time he get into the Small Room, he get faster Energy, Shield and Health Regeneration.

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