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Tenno Gun Request!!!!!


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So I just want to state how cool it'd be if we had a Tenno AR15 or M4 Carbine. Let's be honest. After all we already have an tenno assault rifle for the AK which acts more like an LMG. I mean they could even call it something like the Commando Rifle or Commando Carbine. Something cool. But it'd really go great with the Fortuna expansion which is primarily, besides the storyline, is about going commando and taking over Corpus bases and etc. Just a request to add at some point if you can. Bit also just wanna throw that Warframe love out there because honestly we have that #WarframeLove . Thanks for making an awesome game!

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IMO the Soma and Soma Prime seems to be more reference to the Chauchat and Bren than AK.

400px-Chauchat.jpg Bren1.jpg


The Stradavar is based off the Lewis Gun.





The closest we have to the AR-15 in terms of function is the Tiberon Prime.
which is select fire and high crit (which the 5.56x45mm is known for the tumbling damage)
that works well with Hunter's Munition to do way more damage than the base damage would dictate.

but the look is kind of off since the magazine is at the butt stock.

Handguard and elevated front sight still looks convincing enough, as well as bipod.
and the "gas tube" looking thing
But the length give it more of a M16 feel than M4


Image result for m16A2 with bipod

And off topic...
Here is a list of weapons with their likely inspiration so if you are looking for any particular real life counterpart that is present in the game










































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Isn't the Baza commando enough though functionality-wise?

And even in looks with the right colors.

Being a standard issue main weapon for most Grineer, the Grakata might be pretty close too to the m4 both in usage and power.

58 minutes ago, Ada_Wong_SG said:



I guess my inner wehraboo chose the Vectis for favorite weapon. :D

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I understand wanting a weapon in the game that you like. For a long time this game was ninja-themed, and I prayed and begged every day for the one weapon that is iconic to the Ninja: The Ninjato, or the short/straight katana with the square guard. Well we finally got a Katana, but it was for a Samurai, and we only got that because the community begged DE weekly for 3 years.

DE doesn't want anything to do with weapons that are related to real life, or any other game for that matter. They want everything they create to be unique to Warframe. If they made something like a Ninjato, even if it was a skin, that thing would get astronomical sales - yet they still won't make something like that; that's how headstrong they are about making sure everything is uniquely "warframe" in art-style. I can't blame them, but I feel your pain when this game has every weapon under the sun, except for the one you really want.

As far as the AR15-styled rifles, I'm actually against it. AR15/M4 is in EVERY game with modern guns - it's everywhere. The problem is that it wouldn't make sense to have an M4 in game. I could understand if Tenno were humans from Earth that existed in the 20th century, but there's just no reason to have something like that in game. Not only does it not fit the art-style, it doesn't even fit the lore. There's no place for it at all. We barely got a katana and that was mostly because of the overwhelming community requests, and the fact that it actually matched the lore.

The only way I can see something like this happening is if there was a uniquely "Warframe-esque" M4-like skin that you could apply to the Tiburon or similar. Otherwise it will never even make it to the suggestion board.


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3 hours ago, EmissaryOfInfinity said:

Karak Wraith is definitely what you're looking for, OP. Wraith and Vandal weapons can be just as powerful as Primes, and with the proper Riven the Karak Wraith is certainly a formidable weapon.

Karak wraith feels kind of weak, the base crit is kind of too low to feel anything in the AR-15 feel.

The 5.56x45mm is designed to tumble and fragment on impact given the high velocity and small caliber, 
meaning the bullet fragment is likely to rip more flesh and causes more severe bleeding (crit slash proc, hunter's munition)

Meaning rifles with high crit chance is likely to more suit the feel of the M4/ M16 
since small caliber (base damage) + high chance of crit giving higher damage output in general.

Soma does functions like the AR-15 initially (heavy reliant on crit with small caliber damage), but given the full auto and high capacity with wind up
it is closer to light machine gun than assault rifles (more like the M249)

I said Tiberon Prime kind of suits the AR-15 is because with crit + hunter's munition build
with argon scope + point strike it is reliably hitting crit every shot, with split chamber + vigilante armament it is 
150% multishot meaning you average out of 60% - 90% chance of activating Hunter's munition.

a relatively "harmless" initial damage can slash proc and kill an enemy even when initial hit did not kill.

This fit the performance of the AR-15 because a small entry wound with devastating result 
that often make the 5.56x45mm compete with more powerful rounds like 7.62x51mm

Actual "Hunter's Munition"




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