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Mastery Rank Mission does not increase MR


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Hi fellow Tennos and DE


I stumbled across an kind of frustrating bug by accident:

When the Mastery Rank Test is finished, while there was a network error, it will display it as finished and show the different rewards (max daily standing, loadout slot etc.), but a error message appears, stating that the account Information could not be updated. It tries again after a few seconds but once the network error is gone, the message disappears, the test gets finished, but it will be marked as failed and the 24h hour cooldown kicks in.

Shouldn't the whole point of the retrying updating the account information be, that exactly this is prevented?


Additional Information (even though they should not have any importance):
Mission: Mastery Rank Test 9
Time of occurence: ~11:20 CET
Reason for network error: Automatic Router Reset
Used Warframe: Vauban
Is Bug Replicatable: Probably, but i have not tested it

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