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Default to friends only for Plains of Edilon (and assumedly Fortuna's overworld when it comes)


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I would imagine this is something we've all done at one point or another.  You've been playing in Public mode, running relic cracks or regular missions, or arbitrations, what have you.  Then later you need to go to the Plains for something and.. "Oh damnit, I'm still set to PUBLIC!"  And you've dragged 3 people with you just to have to explain that you're just there for some grindy thing like mining, or cracking a riven, and meant to go alone.  


Does ANYONE actually go to the Plains that intentionally wants to bring a group?  Am I the only one that finds this really annoying?  Or would it be better if much like when you go to Cetus or a relay it only sent you instead of dragging three random people along?   

Personally, I'd love to change it from what it is, to only myself going down solo as I inevitably forget to change this setting till I've gone down at least once. 

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10 minutes ago, xoagray said:

Yeah, I get that, I just forget.  Because anywhere else you go outside of a mission it doesn't act like this.  It just takes you and doesn't randomly grab 3 other people.  It's inconsistent. 

What? Any mission you start with matchmaking set to public throws you into a group.
It's just that most missions aren't played all that much. So chances are you end up alone in a mission. But if there are other people for that said mission, then you will end up in a groub with them.
So your idea has nothing to do with the game and actually would be bad for the game.
I like to join random groups in PoE, if I want to fish or mine or do whatever I want to do...

Just think before doing something and set your matchmaking to solo.
If you fail to do something, then not the game has to change. You are the one that has to change...

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