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Zephyr's Divebomb (Tailwind) Is No Longer Affected by Power Strength


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I surmise that this was the result of the new change, but divebombs aspect of tailwind use to be affected by power strength. What i mean specifically is the acceleration. 

This isn't a big issue with most players, given zephyr's low popularity, but it's something that shouldn't have been changed and isn't too hard to changed back.

As it stands, melee slams are 100% better because they're faster, free of energy, deal more damage and have more cc effect. With the proposed melee 3.0 changes, it looks like this edge is only gonna be further exacerbated.

EDIT: A big thanks to @Islanzari for confirming this for me.

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28 minutes ago, Toppien said:

you mean the part where the more distance dive bomb travels the more damage it does?

No, he's talking about how the old ability, Divebomb, would gain more speed with more power strength. If you had ~300% PS, you could drop from any height in a split second.

Now it seems to have a fixed speed, though it might be affected by duration. I can't tell from the Wiki.

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I would love more than anything for them to take divebomb and turn it into a passive that replaces and augments Zephyr's normal melee slam. It's already terribly redundant for her to have both of the abilities and divebomb is wasted hidden away in tailwind.

As a bonus this would solve the low gravity problem where Zephyr floats in the air for a minute when you first activate melee slam.

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