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Invites not working on xbox


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4 hours ago, (XB1)SAOxSonicKirito said:

Would post this in bugs, but apparently I cannot, so I'm posting here.  Seems like the invite method doesn't work.  No one can seem to join anothers lobby.  It's probably already known, but thought i'd share just in case.

I live in Michigan and that happens when i try to play with people that live in California, I always need a 3rd party to host when playing with West coast players. Another way to get around it is to join a party and also restarting your console if you cant join after going to their party. its also not always both ways, where some one can invite me or i can invite them but not vise versa. Generally if you can get into a party first that lets you drop out of warframe/reopen/rejoin/etc/etc with less of a headache.

I also never had the issue when playing from texas with a player from michigan (but that was when i only played on pc and back in 2013)


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