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Some thoughts that have been going through my mind


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Hello DE,

I have been playing this game for a long time now, not as much as some but been here for awhile. And with regards to that, this game has made lots of progress with its mechanics and overall design, you've also made great leaps in the lore of the universe. With everything that has happened the game feels like it has stalled in certain areas. It has been apparent you guys are pushing the Tenno/Sentient" story, showing our characters growth, and expanding the lore. That is great, but I feel you are ignoring your other enemy factions and there progress. I have so many questions for a lot of the characters in this game. One question thats pretty general is about the bosses in this game. I've fought Warframe bosses countless times, and i want to know. Which ones are still alive when it comes to the story?

Now ill be more specific

Grineer: What ever happened to Vor? Is he actually still alive in The Void? If he is did he ever cross paths with Ballus? What is Vor doing in there? What is his plan? Is Tyl Regor dead? If not when is he coming back? Why is Vay Hek still around? Can we kill him already? I wont mention the Queens they aren't all that old. I'm sure we will see them again.

Corpus: The corpus use robot to fight their battles so i understand why we rarely see members of the council but we need get one of those guys soon and remove them from the board.

Infested: The infested have a very interesting past but what about their future. From what i can tell Infested become more dangerous the longer they are alive. The more an infested absorbs increases their strength some times there size they even develop intelligence or they already have it and they gain the ability to speak. They've also been around for thousands of years. SO my question is why haven't they evolved into something more dangerous? Why are they still these zombie-esque enemies? Theyve should have gotten to a point where they are an actual faction with leaders. And is Eris the infested home world? Why is it we haven't stepped foot on Eris?

Now concerning Rail jack. With the coming of Railjack will the Formorian event and Razorback event be updated to include Railjack? These events seriously need to be updated and made a bit more challenging in my opinion.

Stalker needs another upgrade. I believe Stalker needs another Upgrade or a Veteran version Stalker. A Stalker that can hunt us Vets down. At present Stalker is a chump not even a threat. Or add a new mechanic. Something along the lines of how Zanuka if defeated by him, captures you. Could Stalker get a similar mechanic maybe something along the lines of taking your frame when defeated by him. You then have to go to some secret location in Tenno form to sneak in and Steal your frame back. 

These are some areas of the game i feel like you have not touched on. Warframe bosses in my opinion feel stagnant and Stale. We are still fighting the same bosses with no change, except additions to the roster. There are 4 factions in this war and yet no has died, not one important person has died. And if they did die they were only introduced in that very mission. (ex: The older Queen of the Grineer). Some enemy characters need to die so we can make room for some new and more dangerous ones. This will add major movement to the story and turning points in timeline.


Thanks for reading.


P.S. I hope in the Sentient war that is coming, Lotus dies. The Tenno are then forced to grow up and make their own decisions propelling the story even further. 

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