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Fun concept for a new invisibility warframe "Ghost"


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Just killing some boredom, tell me what you think and add something or just tell me how stupid it is :D

1st ability ghost dash
Some kind of a ghost dash, you dash in any direction, if you pass trough enemies you deal damage and stun them for a shor durration

2nd abilty dead cold
Lower the tamperature of the room, inflicts damage and cold procs to enemies in a radius, slowing them

3rd ability vanish
Be invisible for an x amount of seconds, if you do a finisher on an enemy you get +2 sec
4th ability possesion
Now this is something that is hardly going to happen, but this is more for fun and could be good on high levels. You posses a single enemy, enemies in a raduis around the enemy you possesed are confused for 5sec so they dont attack(idea is that they dont know right away that you possesed someone) and you get a 10% dmg boost on dmg that enemy can already deal(imagine playing a high lvl bombard). Possesion last until your vessel gets killed or you can end it yourself. Drains energy. This would be so much fun, playing as a grineer or corpus, or even infested, but you can use it on normal enemies, so no ancients, eximus units....EDIT if you dont shoot anybody even when the confusion ends you still dont get detected so it could be a form of stealth, but you would be a lot slower then when you are a warframe so it wouldn't trivilize spy missions 
Tell me what you think :D 

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