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Dojo blank canvas


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Look, I understand I may be late to the game here and this might be something old buried deep in these forums. But after seeing the amazing Dojo Remaster contest winners, I realized most of them made use of glitches to be able to decorate well beyond the normal "room" limitations.

So I was wondering: what would it take for DE to create a new node that isn't actually a room but more like an airlock, that would allow us to go "outside" the Dojo structure? This place wouldn't have visible walls, just the amazing space background image that the equally amazing Dojo architects used in their Observatory glitches. And if we were to fall beyond the invisible limits of the room, instead of falling forever into nothingness the game would transport us back to the entrance, much like it is done throughout the entire game already (and even in the Dojo itself, when you jump off the platform in the generator room). As a bonus to this room, the architect could set the rules for it such as normal, low or no gravity and we would be able to mount our archwings to explore the space.

But forget the archwing part for now, some Dojo architects went well beyond the design limitations to build decorations far from reach. That is just awesome. Imagine if we were able to design the looks of our own "Dojo ship" out of decorations? For instance, my ship would be the Imperial Star Destroyer and that "blank canvas" node is actually an outside garden on top of it, such as if I look back I see the rest of my ship as part of the background against the space.

Would that be something hard for DE to implement? I am new to the game and that was my first time visiting highly decorated Dojos. I can't even fathom where to begin decorating like this. When I look at the options in my Dojo I see some very small, very basic rocks, not the monumental decorations that some architects used. But some people are really creative with this. Let them have it.

And thanks for the amazing game, DE!

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