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[Suggestion] Allow clans to RENT dedicated servers for game play sessions. (spoilers)


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Hello, My suggestion touches on topics that appear in some quests, if you have not completed the second dream this contains spoilers for you



We all have had issues with host migrations, we've all had instances where a game play session drops and were returned to the lobby having lost everything.

I really think the middle ground to us asking for dedicated servers is for us to ask for the ability to rent dedicated servers.

What i would really like is the ability to purchase a token in the market place, which i use to "power" a transference room in my clan dojo for a predetermined amount of time, 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, 30 days... etc.etc... When that token expires i can no longer use the room to start a dedicated host session.

A room in the dojo means that I, and my potential team can enter a dojo, that is already hosted in a dedicated session and if any of us drop there is no "player hosted sessions" that anyone needs in order to get back into the mission. From there we can have a room that has stations similar to the second dream quest that house the operator and similar to the chairs we have in the orbiter.

This would finally give me a reason to actually use all 100 rooms a dojo can host, that also means that DE can profit off me wanting to rent servers off them because some one has to inject money into the game world for the plat that would be required to rent them...... My clan can also benefit off me wanting to host servers for members that would be unable to unwilling to do so on their own.

or make them something that requires a cash payment however, players that dont want to put money in the game will be put off by the inability to use plat to purchase the suggested server sessions.





Edit for clarification:
Q:Why not suggest something that lets players host dedicated servers similar to how conclave works.
A:Player hosted servers open the ecosystem up to mischievous behavior, we both know some one will attempt to cheat with them.

Q: How does platinum pay for dedicated servers?
A: Accounting puts the money for platinum into a bank account... and then DE pays for stuff with that money, this is how xbox live worked when we had xbox points, its how xbox, psn & steam all work today when you add money to your wallet on those services.

Q:Where will DE get all these servers?
A: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure.

Q:I'm a player that has ZERO intention of every putting any money into this game, How can i rent a dedicated server if it requires platinum for me to rent?
A:Every player is able to trade relics, prime parts, mods and some weapons to other players for platinum. My suggestion will require you to socialize with other players and trade.

Q:I have zero interest in trading with other players for platinum & have zero intent on purchasing platinum, How can I get access to a dedicate server in this situation?
A:Join a clan that has access to a dedicated server in the above suggestion.

Q:I have zero interest in: trading with other players, purchasing platinum or joining a clan. How can i gain access to the dedicated servers in your suggestion?
A:Make friends because at this point you need some one else willing to invest for you, companies need to be able to make some money off us for them to actually want to do something.

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This has no actual connection to quests and everything to do with business. Plat is not worth anything to whoever they would host servers with. They have to pay them in actual money and there's likely no reason DE would charge Plat for this.

This is a hard money option and carves the population into 2 tiers of players. There's really no reason to tie this into Clans.

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Let's put one foot in front of the other first. First, you need to convince DE to get dedicated servers and unless you can give them a business plan that is both lucrative and long lasting, I doubt they will consider it.

Again, most productive thing you could do is start a poll.

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On 2018-11-07 at 8:26 PM, hazerddex said:

that would cost DE a lot of money for somthing many might not even use as it would require seprate servers. 

They can simply allow me to spin up a "server" Much like you do for conclave, give me the ability to link that server to my account using a unique id and then when i play i can use that server as my session host they can avoid having to pay anything. They had the tech for clan dojo's before they went to dedicated servers like the relays.

Alternatively they can allow me to prepurchase the server instance in blocks of time, which would allow them to prepurcahse the instance from AWS based on how much time i buy up front, which they can then over provision because i am not going to use it 24/7 at 8 hours of usage/day the cost is 45.00 for one month for a 2 cpu instance with 8GB of ram and 10Gbps of network. If i was a heavy user playing on average 8 hours a day they could charge me 1000 plat and make 5.00 profit at the end of the month.

The law of averages will play out across the player base, you will have players that casually play willing to fork over plat as you will have heavy users and the average among the player population would allow them to over provision the number of required instances to covered hosted sessions.

In fact i think they already have some of this in place because of the number of relays that open up when visiting places like relays, cetus or fortuna.


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