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Lanka Damage Vs Crit



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i formad my lanka once to better fit in split chamber. now im not sure which would be better, load as many elemental mods as i can or use crit mods and one extra element


 Ice strips away shields and AP retains full damage (with multipliers). Adding those two elements to a critical build can easily defeat a pure rainbow build due to armor scaling (elemental mods except for AP are affected by armor).

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Use the crit mods. With max Point Strike, you get 50% crit chance. With max vital sense, you get a 3.3x damage multiplier.



Split Chamber

Piercing Hit

Point Strike

Vital Sense


After that, play with it. Popular choices right now are Cryo Rounds, Hammer Shot, Primed/Charged Chamber, Speed Trigger, and Shred. If you want, use either Stormbringer or Hellfire, but never both at the same time.

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