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A List of Small Changes


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As someone who has somehow played this game an unrealistic 4k hours (so far) over the course of 4.5 years, I have many times had moments where I'd see small things I'd like to be implemented. This list isn't going to touch on weapon or ability changes, because there are plenty of those already, even though I, like everyone, have my own ideas. This is instead more of a quality-of-life-ish list that I have been writing down on a notepad since the Plains of Eidolon released last year when I finally decided to start keeping track of them. These are listed in the order I wrote them down. I should mention many of these may seem OCD-ish, and that's because they absolutely are. lol. As such, I'm sure some of these won't even affect the average player. A few of these are bound to be repeats from other people's previous posts (<- R10 alliteration), so if it happens, try not to hate me for it. Please. 🙂

1: "Remove Quiver" Option. I'm someone who absolutely despises clipping, and who puts an embarrassing amount of time into fashion-framing. We already have the option to hide unequipped weapons completely, which was a small miracle to me when it was first implemented, but we still have the problem of having a quiver protruding out of our syandana of choice whenever we decide to use a bow. I know this is sad, but I sometimes resort to taking off my syandana when switching to use a bow. I need help.

2: Perfect Quarter Sigil Rotation. So I'm someone who is very particular with my sigil placement, and who makes dozens of small adjustments to get them "just right". I also cannot live with asymmetry. It's impossible. I see it and I die inside. One thing I have noticed, particularly with Steel Meridian sigils, is that a perfect 90 degree rotation is a few pixels off and it always end up being slightly diagonal to one side or the other despite how desperately I struggle to get it perfect. Yes, this is petty.

3: Better Sigil Sizing. To follow up on my last point about the absolute necessity of having a perfect sigil, I think we should be able to make sigils 50% smaller (or more) by improving upon their width and height sliders. Some sigils, even at their smallest, still cover a frame's entire chest or back, and there is nothing you can do about it except cry and feel completely defeated
4: Void Trace Counter. The only place that we can currently see our number of void traces is when viewing relics at the Void Relic Refinement station. I think it would be very handy to also be able to see the number listed somewhere when picking relics both on the UI when you select your initial relic for a Void mission, as well as the UI when picking another relic in an endless mission type.

5: Mining Tool Breakability. This is probably the lowest priority on this list, but I think it would be helpful to allow the mining tool to be able to break small destructible crates and other similar objects. Sometimes when using the map to find mining locations there will be overlapping icons coming from the loot radar mods ( like animal sense) which get in the way of proper viewing. Instead of switching to a weapon it would be nice to just break things with the mining laser. If it can rip minerals from stone it should be able to break a little crate here and there.

6: Six Trade Slots. Simply put, there are some prime items in this game that have six different parts required, many (all?) being double secondaries like Akstiletto Prime (blueprint, link, barrel x2, receiver x2) . When doing a trade, it'd be nice if we didn't have to break trading these items into two separate trades just to get/give the one whole item. It would also take away the need of thinking about how to divide the worth of each separate trade when you simply want x platinum for x prime weapon.

7: "Clear Chat" Function. Sometimes when a person private messages you, their initial message will be perpetually plastered on whatever chat tab you currently had open, or whichever chat tab it defaulted to. When receiving many massages over the course of a single session, this can really build up into an unwanted wall of text. I have logged out of the game and back in just to get rid of it many times. Just having a clear button near the emoji / players icons or maybe just right clicking on the actual text to bring up a clear option would be great.

8: Operator Transference Teleportation. This is really the only major-ish gameplay mechanic on this list. As it is now, switching from operator mode back to your warframe teleports the warframe to your operator's current location. I think it would be a really cool function if holding the transference button when in operator mode would instead teleport you back to the location your warframe initially was. For example, your could switch to operator form when someone is bleeding out, void dash to them, get them back up, and then teleport back to your warframe's initial location instead of being stuck in the middle of everything. Maybe this would be somehow "OP" or something, but I personally don't see it being anything other than a cool, additional gameplay feature.

I also had being able to change Focus ways in the arsenal on this list, but they are already implementing that soon, which is awesome.

Down the line I'll have more to come, of course, but this is all for now.

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8 minutes ago, Pryzmatiq said:

Maybe this would be somehow "OP" or something, but I personally don't see it being anything other than a cool, additional gameplay feature.

You could just pick some out of the way spot to store your frame and have no actual threat to the mission being ended due to running out of revives. The Operator is invisible, invincible and able to deal a non-trivial amount of damage while being perpetually usable because they don't have revives.

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@peterc3 - I see what you are saying. However, when your operator dies, you already teleport back to your warframe's initial location anyways, so the only difference would be being able to do just that without needing to purposely end your operator's current life, which as you said, has next to no consequence anyways. Could go either way I guess.

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