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Garuda's weak Passive


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At the moment Garuda's passive seems like a worse Mirage buff at the cost of dying to one toxic or slash proc. I think 200% damage should be base for her max damage at and it should either scale with power strength or (my personal opinion) increase to maybe 300 or 400% (which is fair trade for being squishy in my opinion) based off ability kills and claw kills. Ability kills could increase it by 10% and claw kills by 5%. Garuda can use her claws in place of a melee when no melee weapon is equipped. Not only would this give her abilities even more synergy but it would also be a better incentive to use the claws when using Garuda. She's quickly become one of my favorite frames especially considering she isn't even out yet and I want her to have a kit that synergizes and plays well. I hope DE takes community feedback for this passive the way they did for her ult. 

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