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Arcane Virtuos Null


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Shwazdo-Lah fellow Tennos!

Recently i decided to create a new Amp just to try out the properties of the Anspatha Brace. After having gilded it and added the Arcane Virtuos Null to use and the effect has been feeling rather underwhelming with any Bracer other than the Juttni since the effect only lasts for 4 seconds and and it takes 1~2 Seconds after you stop shooting for the AMP to start regenerating. This means you lose from 25% to 50% of the Arcane's duration no matter the conditions.

Most AMPs regenerate energy at a rate of 30/s , meaning its bonus only adds +6 to its regeneration rate and +9 when used on the Anspatha Brace which has a 45/s rate which means only +12~18 energy recharged for the duration of the effect.

I would like to ask that it be changed so that it regenerates 10% of the Amp's total energy per sec for 4 seconds when an enemy is killed. This would give the Arcane much more use in missions as it would allow for the players to continue shooting for a prolonged period and value the use of Bracers with higher max energy.

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