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No one finishes their lines


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With the update that added the quest to get the sentinel sword, came a bug where no one can finish their lines. Doesn't seem to matter who's saying what, the last second or two of every line is cut off. ie. "Thats a strange color combination, operator. My sensors are -" "Tenno, a new time limited mission -" "ugh, disgusting creatures. I think they absorb -" etc

Ruined the story mission for me because he never finished a thought, and I don't want to play Fortuna if it's going to do this and ruin the exposition...

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I also am having this bug, but for me it's the endings of more lengthy audio segments that are cut off. I'm not having shorter lines get cut off. I had it back when Plains of Eidolon came out, then it disappeared, then it came back again for Fortuna, and even older audio such as the revenant quest lines are getting cut off, too.

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