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Thank you to EternalSamsara


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Thank you for the gift...

I don't know what I did but thanks! And I'm ashamed to admit I don't remember you 😞 If you read this please respond back or send me a PM.

I got a gift with a Khora Warframe...

Kindness goes a long way. Warframe has a great community.

You have restored my faith in humanity and some day we will rise up again and take back the solar system and restore earth to its former glory. Orokins, Sentients, they can all go to hell. I just want this damn war to be over and be left alone. Maybe snap my fingers and wipe out half the universe and retire on a fortress of solitude on Europa. 

For everyone else, if you could retire anywhere in the solar system where would it be?


Lone Tenno - Out

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Lucky you - congrats on the gift! :thumbup:

There are some very generous Tenno around. I was lucky enough to be gifted Revenant a while back...also totally out of the blue.

Think the best thing you can do is pass your fortune forward, to some other player, if and when you get the chance.


Call me old-fashioned, or unadventurous, but I'd like to retire to Earth. I just really like those forest maps and could spend days wandering around.


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