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"Solo" Mode chat please?


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Hey all, 

I'd like to propose a solo chat tab that when opening chat we can set to auto load into if we choose. I know if I want that I can set my game to invite only and open the navigation tab to get a squad chat with just me in it, but I have a few reasons for wanting this.

1. Checking out weapon stats etc by linking them in chat, I do this regularly when rolling rivens and I'm sure my clan get tired of a bunch of random weapons being linked without context. 

2. Spoilers. I've had all major quests spoiled for me on the day of release because clanmates/alliance/region chat are talking about them before I've had the chance to see them. I try to tab across to trade chat as quick as I can but even then there's spoilers with people trying to buy the new things. The issue is compounded when you have cut scenes that take place in your ship, and you can still get chat opening and talking over the top of them even while you're mid scene. 

3. Testing purposes, I'd like to be able to use chat to record notes if I'm testing dps etc in a place that isn't going to be lost as soon as I leave mission without leaving the game. 


DE Please put in a solo chat? Or at least the way to make our own chat tabs. I really don't need all my quests spoiled or my clanmates annoyed with spam simply because there's no other place to type things

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