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Usage of personal/exalted weapons


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After getting info about possibility of using Garuda's claw as her weapon I started wondering about the same possibility with other warframes. 

As DE can make it now possible, they should consider simular feature (if they not already) for exalted/personal weapons for Excalibur, Valkyr, Wukong, and maybe for Ash, Atlas, Mesa and Titania. 

About Excalibur, Valkyr and Wukong everything is pretty easy, just letting them use their weapons, with standart stats but without specials from 4th skill. (considering their 4th skill effectiveness in general should wait till Melee 3.0)

Ash has hidden blades that only appears in his 4th skill. I always thought that DE should add them as his melee weapon. I know that this would take some time(new stance, animations), but it is possible. 

For Atlas, newer considered that he needs his own weapon because there is lots of simular gloves. But as a fist brawler, he should be noted. Maybe add it with good stats or synergy with skills(also with unique stance). 

Mesa's Regulators are powerful, so why not let her use them while she has no melee (plus she has little health bonus for that). But ammo consumption should be added, like in Titania's pistols, it will need some time to recharge ammo instead of reload.

Titania mentioned because of 2 reasons: she has 2 unique weapons and DE considering making archving weapons usable for warframe, making them possible. Letting her swing both if them could be hilarious. 

For now it's only possible to add such feature for Excalibur, Valkyr and Wukong. (Bonuses for using their exalted-melee could be saving combo counter, under nullifier aborting forced weapon change and faster exalted skill activation.

Other warframes need some work beforehand (like the most important - Melee 3.0)

I cannot find any drawbacks for all that. Feel free to write your opinion. 


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