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Overall What War Frame Need:


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The only 2 thing that the game didn't fail me yet (i still love the hole game thought), it's The Scoring and the Character Avatar. But what i like War frame to Highly-Focus on improving is:


Beat the hole game: End too soon and too fast. Then again, The game is on Beta testing (either so or they forgot to put away the "Beta Text Ver.# on the Login screen)


Role Playing: Just keep up with what u guy doing right now :D, +more color unlock able (for free)


Discovery: More Reason to play the game to "Explore", Rank up beside weapon, give the Credit in game...well more "Power"...ect...ect. Why? Because Alert and Nightmare are to narrow (void is good thought). 


The bloody hell invite system: well we all know what's this is :D


*yeah..that's it, anything else u guy wanna add-on too ?

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